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September 27, 2010

Italy’s Treasures – Can They be Re-Created?

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Written by: mi.o
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Ahhhh l’Italia.  If there is one thing most of us could agree on, it would be that there is nothing like it.  And when we say “it”, we mean everything about Italy.  The people, the smells, the scenery, and last but not least, the unparalleled food!

When you go to Italy, you feel this undeniable attachment and definite depression to leave even before you catch your plane on the way out.  If you have not been there, it is usually one place you keep on your bucket list to see before you die.
Italy.  We try and re-create its offerings wherever we may live even though deep down, we know it is just not possible to recreate perfection that is found in the boot-shaped peninsula which is home to 60 million people and sees 44 million tourists a year.
Say it isn’t so!  Why can’t we have Italy’s small treasures at home too? Okay – the truth is that we will never find the same authentic food we find in Italy because it all comes down to Italy’s fresh home-grown ingredients.  Let’s ponder one thing.  What about the activities in Italy?  What about the Italian way of life?  Italians are known for having that certain zest for life, which many may not even realize they have.  The truth is that Italy has a secretly hypnotizing effect on its admirers.  It may be downright impossible to put a finger on what it is that makes Italy so darn intoxicating.
Whatever it is, we have listed 5 stand-out characteristics of Italy that make it so unique.  These are suggestions to do what you can in order to inject the Italian style into your life to continually remind yourself on how to live all’Italiana.
1)      Buy an espresso machine (Please beware of the commercialized versions of the “cappuccino” which have evolved into a flat-out dessert).
2)      Convene frequently with your friends and family.  Even if you don’t have the Italian piazza to visit, make the time and make the place.
3)      Parla in italiano!  Also – listen to Italian music and watch Italian film.  You’ll be amazed at how much of the language you can pick up.
4)      Cook Italian food as frequently as you can!  The real stuff, nothing unauthentic.
5)      Visit Italy!  Of course this depends on your own means.  If visiting Italy is a dream of yours that has yet to be fulfilled, do not put that dream off – you will understand once you get there!
Live life to the fullest because “La vita e’ bella!”

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Written by: mi.o
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