March 20, 2012

Learning Italian? Here are 6 Recommended Online Tools

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La Piazza di Carolina began in 2005 with the idea of making the Italian language and culture more accessible to children of all ages. It is based on the premise that language is

best acquired when the child is at their youngest which is why the program begins classes at six months of age.

For the rest of us who are learning the Italian language as adults, Carolina herself has provided 6 online tools which she believes are effective ways of learning. Check out some of the different types you can find and choose which is best for you!

1. Podcasts: Podcasts are great because you can find them on all different topics and practice your listening comprehension and pronunciation. If the listening is a bit too hard, many podcasts provide transcripts of each episode, so you can customize the lesson a bit more depending on what level you are.

Try here.

2. Online tests: Sure, tests aren’t exactly fun, but they are a good way to measure how far your Italian skills have come. Use online tests to figure out what you still need to work on and practice!

Try here.

3. Electronic classroom: Want the benefits of taking a class but don’t have the time to commit to one? Try an “electronic classroom,” which provides information on and explanations of different aspects of the Italian language.

Try here.

4. Books in Italian: No matter what your level may be, it is important to practice reading in Italian. With Project Gutenberg, you can search by language and view books written in Italian (and it’s free too!).

Try here.

5. Workbook exercises: If you need some extra practice, online exercises are great. Pick the topic you need to review, do the exercise,

and get the answers all in one place!

Try here.

6. School websites: Many language schools also have their own websites, where you can play games to help practice your language skills or browse through their online store and order a dictionary, workbook, or anything else you need to improve your Italian.

Try here. There is an “Online Fun” page with games (under the “About Us” section) and an online store with products for both children and adults.

Grazie mille to Piazza di Carolina for sharing this article.

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Written by: mi.o
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