May 1, 2010

Photos Photos Galore!

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Well you continue to show your passion for Italy & the culture through your EXPLOSION of member photos! MILLE GRAZIE to all of you posting! You have bombarded us with your photos and we love them! Please keep them coming! This is why the expression: a picture is worth a thousand words every came about. Whether it be a shot of the local dark-suited Italian businessmen on their cell phones reading newspapers, an elderly man on his street corner watching the passersby, or the window display of the world-renowned Chanel boutique in Venice (grazie a Jennifer Lynn Randall for these shots), each photo tells us your story in Italy. It tells where you’ve been and what you have seen. For those of us who have been to the same places, these shots allow us to reminisce on our own experiences. Of course, if we have not been to that particular location, it allows us to plan on visiting that location in the future.

Post your photos and include captions to share the stories behind the photos. We are a network of people passionate about Italy who are continually looking to learn more! Add comments and meet others in the group in order to share information on where you stayed in Italy, which hotels you stayed in, which restaurants you dined in, etc. Continue to share the enthusiasm and share the passion!

To send us photos or just view our community pictures, please click here.

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Written by: mi.o
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  • Gina Andracchio

    belle foto!



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