February 21, 2012

Select Italy Offers Free Last Supper Tickets for International Women’s Day

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last supper

Select Italy celebrates “La Festa Della Donna” by offering free Last Supper Tickets to female clients on March 8.

Select Italy

celebrates International Women’s Day, La Festa della Donna, by offering female customers a free entrance tickets to see the Last Supper on March 8th in Milan, Italy (while supplies last).

The difficulty of obtaining Last Supper tickets any day is extraordinary; on a holiday, even more so. No other website currently offers this special promotion to see the Last Supper. Select Italy recognizes the significance of La Festa Della Donna and aims to celebrate its female clients by granting them free access to one of the world’s most breathtaking and valuable masterpieces.

“Even more than the Vatican or the Colosseum, Last Supper tickets are the most difficult to obtain in all of Italy. If you don’t purchase them ahead of time, it is nearly impossible that you will get in the day you want to go,” says Alison Turner, Director of Operations at Select Italy. When travelers have limited time, a long wait in line without the guarantee of seeing the desired site can be a disappointment, to say the least.

International Women’s Day (La Festa della Donna) honors more than just the equality of women. The holiday originates in ancient Rome to celebrate the first day of spring and the goddess Ariadne. More recently, the date marks a

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